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nita tucker

As a consultant for the past 30 years, working with such high-profile clients as Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Motorola and SAP, Nita has developed a proven track record for generating breakthrough results, both for the teams as well as individuals.


Over the past three decades, she has enabled companies, project teams, operating facilities and individuals to experience large scale, long-lasting, results. Nita is passionate, skilled and experienced, and has an eye for customizing programs based on what is ‘wanted and needed’ rather than selling a common template. From the board room to the front line,  Nita is committed to both tangible results and the well-being of the people with whom she works. Her success is driven by  a strong desire to make extraordinary things happen.


Pursuing a major life dream Nita Tucker moved to Italy and spent four years living in Florence with her family, where she launched the first English-language newspaper  The Florentine. Her latest book (she’s written 5 other books) “ It Happened In Florence”  is a testament of ‘walking her talk’, encouraging readers as she does her clients, to live a life of possibility and passion and of the richness of a life well lived.





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