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I have had the pleasure to work with Nita in several capacities at my company.  First, as a personal executive coach, she offers a highly personalized service to identify and develop your “brand”.  Through progressive development grounded in the art and science of interpersonal communication, Nita provides practical advice that is easy to apply into your daily routine.  Second, Nita conducts group seminars on a range of topics to enhance the collaboration effectiveness of your whole department.  Our team works with everyone in the company from manufacturing to sales, and from the junior staff up to the CEO.  Nita’s seminars have made our whole team much more effective at getting the job done.

Stu Lerner, Product Management Director

Stepping into a new role, it was incredibly powerful and constructive to work with Nita not only to understand the importance of saying what you are looking to do, but also the importance of how it is heard by your team. The unique insights she extracts out of the individual as well as team sessions go a long way in unifying and marching the team towards the common objectives.

Karthik Arumugam, Vice President, Product Management

Nita is an exceptional executive coach. She helped my entire leadership team as well as myself understand how we each optimally learn and work with each other. She also helped us develop our unique ‘brands’ as leaders and taught us how to ‘be our brand’. Her nurture and guidance resulted in each member of my team operating at a maximum level of leadership and productivity, even during times of significant organizational and directional change. I highly recommend Nita!

Patrick Ferriter, Dolby 

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