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what you get ...

executive coaching -- All our coaching is founded on knowing and fulfilling on the individual’s ‘calling’ so that he/she is operating true to his or her self.


leadership development -- The ALPS Leadership Program is designed to have people Acting, Listening, Presenting themselves and Speaking as leaders.

peak performing team workshop -- How do you have a team operate greater than the sum of its parts?  It usually starts with compassion and understanding of the differences and builds on this to then complement and leverage the talents.


innovation /breakthrough project technology -- So much consulting is done ‘offsite’ or for individual transformation and then people go back to their jobs and nothing much is transformed.  Our work is done in real time, with real business concerns so that a new way of working is implemented and effective.


collaboration acceleration -- When people truly collaborate something emerges that is unprecedented. The work we do accelerates this process and has people be more facile collaborating. 


leadership and team branding -- Authoring and then living your brand empowers you in the face of challenging situations and sometimes overwhelming cultural or 'peer' influences.  Knowing and being your brand is essential to keeping yourself, your team, or your organization true to its mission, standards and what you're really 'up to.'


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